Create an Excel Datasource

    1. Ensure that the BiG EVAL Server can reach the folder where your Excel-File is located. Also ensure that the BiG EVAL Server Account User has at least read-permissions on the file.

    2. Create a new datasource, give it a name and choose the type "Excel".

    3. Switch to the tab "Excel".

    4. Enter the absolute path and filename to your Excel-file into the field "Filename". E.g.
      c:\Testdata\Financial Sample.xlsx
    5. Enter the name of the Excel-Worksheet whos data should be read into the field "Worksheet".

    6. Enter the range of cells that should be read from the worksheet into the field "Area". Use the known Excel-syntax. E.g. if you want to read all data from cell A1 to cell D1000 you need to enter the following string:
      If you expect a growth in the amount of rows, you should enter a much larger range. BiG EVAL only reads rows with data. Empty rows will be ignored.

    7. Choose wether the defined area includes any column names by enabling the switch "Headers included".

    8. Switch to the tab "Columns" and define all columns that are within your data area. You can choose any name you want. Only the order of the columns is important.

    9. Save the datasource by clicking on the button "Create datasource".
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