Major Changes
    • A new layout/theme was implemented to match the CI/CD of BiG EVAL.
    • The new overview dashboard gives you a complete insight on testcase results.
    • Flatfiles like CSV and Microsoft Excel files (XLS & XLSX) can now be queried using SQL queries and all their possibilities.
    • ODBC is now available as an own datasource technology.
    • We added the extraction-method "Values of multiple columns". It allows you to extract just some columns of a larger dataset.
      Minor Changes
    • The navigation now highlights the currently opened area or dialog.
    • The datasource configuration user interface was changed from a tile-view to a list-view with a dialog for setting up the configuration. This was needed due to the UI complexity some specific datasources needed.
    • Opening the testresults detail dialog doesn't navigate you away from the current screen anymore.
    • The testresults detail dialog now shows the amount of defect cells on the link right besides the probes.
    • Handlebar-parameters on alerts were extended with details about the test-run. See more details about the alarm context.
    • SMTP-Authentication on Office 365 is now possible when sending alert E-Mails.
    • The editions of BiG EVAL were renamed from "Standard" to "Testautomation" and from "Professional" to "Dataquality".
    • Comparing tables using the Exactly Equals testmethod always returned a successful testresult if there were no IdentityColumns specified on the probes.
    • An exception was thrown when there was a specific combination of null-values in table extraction.
    • Multiple Member_Caption columns in MDX query results lead to an exception.
    • Migrations didn't recognize the IdentityColumns attribute of probes.
    • The Exactly Equals testmethod returned an exception when comparing en empty string with a null value.
    • The percentage value on the Approximately Equal testmethod were rounded and couldn't be entered and saved correctly depending on the clients browser language settings.
    • Single sign on enhancements were implemented.
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