• All extraction-methods are now available for all datasource-technologies.
    • Table-Comparison is now possible for all datasource-technologies by using the "Whole Table/All rows" extraction-method.
    • There is now a new Testmethod called "Rules". It allows you to define business-rules that will be checked during test-execution.
    • The layout of the extraction-dropdown in the probe-configuration was enhanced significantly.
    • The licensing-model was changed to subscription-licensing. Old licenses are still valid and can be used until we provide an official migration-path.
    • The test-results dialog was refactored slightly to make it more userfriendly.
    • Tests with control-scripts that do not call ExecuteAsync for any reason, were hanging in running-state before.
    • An internal Bug of the Teradata-driver lead to connection-timeouts in fast-processing-scenarios.
    • Dropdowns now close correctly after choosing a new value.
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